Marvin and Anne
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Sadly, both of Fred's parents have passed away. Marvin, his father, left us on February 6, 1990, and Anne, his mother, departed this life recently, on July 10, 2001.  We miss them,  but through the many memories they have left behind, we celebrate their lives.


Fred and his mom celebrating                                         One of dad's many pictures of mom,

Sue's Birthday September 1999                                      this one taken at their condo in Boca



Jamie's graduation day, May 26, 1999                        With Dan, at her apartment in Verona



Jamie's first birthday                                      Thanksgiving 1998



Marvin K. Schlesinger.  

Fred and his father worked together for almost twenty years at the law firm founded by Marvin, his brother, Howard, and their father, Louis Levy.  The brothers were inseparable, and Marvin mourned the death of his brother in 1968 for the rest of his days.  He was a gentle and unassuming man whose common demeanor hid his persuasiveness and extensive knowledge of his profession. He would later spend his winters dividing his time between working with Fred, and semi- retirement with Anne at their winter retreat Boca Raton.  (Mom recently admitted to Fred that dad was happiest at work, our little secret until now.)






Anne M. Schlesinger:

Mom's quest for knowledge was insatiable.  She continued taking college level courses until well into her eighties, and enjoyed museums, theater and literature.  Having lived in Israel as a child, she enjoyed conversing with friends and relatives in Hebrew, and was proud of her fluency.  

Although a world traveler, both before and after Dad passed away, with the means to have and do anything she could imagine, the happiest times in her life where when she was playing bridge "for a penny a point" with her friends, walking around the Mizner mall or just being with her son, daughter in law  and grandchildren.