Old Mc'Peter Farm
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May, 2002 Fred took the RV on a "Shakedown Cruise" to New Hampshire to see  his friend Peter Trapp.

Peter never quite "fit in" in the suburbs, and always wanted to be a farmer.  A lesson; be careful what you wish for, you might get it!  

Peter's house:

Mom, Dad and the 3 ducks (PJ, Connor and Taylor) at work planting Blueberries:

Proof Positive-- Difference between men and boys is the size of their... toys!   

Don't ask about the geese.  It's a secret experiment in organic farming.

Do I look 50??  Yah!


While PJ and Connor dig in,  Taylor takes a break playing in a ditch . 


Proof, it made it: 

I learned that cows In the barn smell worse than cows in the field.


Erica and her mom, Mary.  Plant those trees over there:

Had to leave.  Taylor waiving goodbye.  Were's your other mitten??.