Dan and Heather
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Jeep restoration
Dan's Job during Summer Vacation, 2000

Dan & Heather are now Engaged!  A September 2008 Wedding is planned.

Dan's 25th Birthday dinner:

Old Info on Dan:


Dan graduated from college (see Graduation) in May, 2002.  He will be looking for a job that combines his talents in computer science with business and management skills.  

For Dan's scrap book and web site >> http://www.schlesingers.net/ds

Dan took a ride on Fred's bike in November, 2003.  He ended up stopping at the house renovation in Livingston.  His grandparents were there and took his picture.   Note.  exactly same pose as picture from college below:

Daniel with MC 1.jpg (430910 bytes)


Below are some pictures from  his college days. Dan&karaki.jpg (100720 bytes)

Dan and College roommate Tim, Freshman  year.  Tim graduated with Dan, and has a mathematics degree.

dan1.jpg (18068 bytes)  

At the new science building, Dickinson College

Senicola, the NC Men's Softball champions - 2000